How to Use Whiteboard App in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Arun Jyothi
2 min readApr 14, 2022


The COVID pandemic has driven us all to be more innovative and creative in our approaches to bridging the physical and digital worlds. We have a giant whiteboard painted with erasable paint in our office. We utilize the wall for brainstorming and planning and visualizing our goals. Because many of us in our business work remotely, we need to develop innovative ways to visualize our whiteboard for those who aren’t in the office. This is when the Microsoft Whiteboard app comes in handy!

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams have been excellent collaboration platforms for companies working remotely. But as Slack lacks in some features compared to Teams, such as real-time collaboration, cost savings, etc., many companies are migrating from Slack to Microsoft Teams.

Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams can help encourage creative brainstorming sessions and take your meetings to the next level if used correctly.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Once you join a meeting in Teams, click on the share icon and select “Microsoft Whiteboard” from the options.

Microsoft Whiteboard

When you open the whiteboard, everyone in the meeting can see your blank whiteboard, ready for you to start showing your ideas.

Anyone who has used Microsoft Paint, or a similar application before will be familiar with the writing pad feature. You can change the thickness and color of your digital pencil, add text boxes or sticky notes, erase, and do everything else that a standard whiteboard can do.

When to Use Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard can be used at any time, not just during a Teams meeting. If you’re scheduling a meeting for the first time, you can activate the Whiteboard option and create some sketches before the meeting. It can even be used after the meeting is over. When the meeting is over, go back to your Microsoft Teams app and tap the “Whiteboard” icon to see a gallery of all your past whiteboards.

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Any invited participant can access the whiteboard at any time. Additionally, everyone may contribute to the same whiteboard, making it a collaborative tool.

You can also save the image you created on the Whiteboard in SVG format later. You can also create a link to send to anyone who couldn’t attend the meeting. This is also useful for those who have attended the meeting for future reference.



Arun Jyothi

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