5 Challenges Businesses Face When Moving Files to Google Drive

Arun Jyothi
4 min readNov 23, 2021

Google Drive has a market share of around 36.1% in the File Hosting Service category, which tops the list of best file hosting services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.

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Companies from different industries have been using Google Drive, and most of the companies are from Computer Software (12%) and Education Management (7%) industries. Some of these companies started their File Hosting Service with Google Drive, while some have migrated from using other File Hosting Services such as Dropbox, Box, etc.

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Your company could be any one of the above industries and looking to migrate from Dropbox or Box to Google Drive to avail the benefits and save costs, as Google Drive comes with a bundle of apps included in Google Workspace such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Forms, Keep, Hangouts, etc.

Google Drive Migration Challenges

The most common challenges that any company face while moving files to Google Drive from any other cloud storage, be it Box, Dropbox, or any other, are as follows. Let us delve into each challenge in detail and know the solutions that have worked out for other companies.

. Folder and File Features- Features associated with Folders and Files are not migrated.
. Third-party apps- Third-party apps are not migrated
. Nested Folders- Can’t migrate more than 20 levels of nested folders
. Downtime- Leads to major risk of data loss

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  1. Folder and File Features- Features associated with Folders and Files are not migrated

File features are nothing but sharing permissions, version history, timestamps, comments, and embedded links. Trying to migrate files along with these features is not possible through the manual migration process.

Opting for a third-party migration tool like CloudFuze helps migrate all the file features from Dropbox or Box to Google Drive seamlessly.

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While migrating files, CloudFuze matches the file-sharing permissions of Dropbox and Box with Google Drive as follows.

Table 1: Migrating file-sharing permissions from Box to Google Drive

Table 1: Migrating file-sharing permissions from Dropbox to Google Drive

2. Third-party apps- Third-party apps are not migrated

It is not possible to migrate third-party applications from Box or Dropbox to Google Drive. In this case, you need to check if the destination cloud supports the same app you are using in the source cloud. If yes, you can integrate it at the destination cloud.

If your chosen destination cloud does not support the apps that you use in your source cloud, you can find a similar one or develop a new one based on its usage priority and requirements.

3. Nested Folders- Can’t migrate more than 20 levels of nested folders

Google Drive supports only up to 20 levels of nested folders. This will be a challenge if teams have nested folders of more than 20 in the source cloud.

But IT admins need not be w0orried. CloudFuze tool is built to solve the obstacles on your Google Drive migration journey. Migrating the data using the CloudFuze tool creates a link in the 20th folder with the Long Filename, redirecting you to the 21st folder.

4. Downtime- Leads to major risk of data loss

Most significant concerns when migrating huge volumes of data between two clouds are server or network outages, resulting in data loss. As a business, you will have plenty of users and terabytes of data. It isn’t easy to track and retrieve the files you may lose during the downtime.

When choosing the tool for your Google Drive migration, ensure that it has the potential to avoid server outages. CloudFuze, a partner with Box, Dropbox, and Google, knows the rate limits and easily deals with domain challenges. It has a proven track record of migrating terabytes of data without any downtime.

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5. Data Security- Data can be at risk of a breach during migration

Security concerns will become increasingly prevalent when migrating data between two cloud storage. Businesses must have the necessary tools and processes to manage and safeguard the data during the migration process.

Choosing tools like CloudFuze copies and transfers the data to protect it from various major threats, including sensitive data loss and privacy breaches. Copying data assures that it will be available in the source cloud and accurate regardless of what occurs during the migration.

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Bottom Line

Moving to Google Drive is advantageous, but there is a great chance for error if the concerns above are not appropriately controlled ahead of time. Having the proper plan in place and the appropriate tool will allow you to optimize your Google Drive migration journey more swiftly.

I Hope, you find this article helpful! 🙂

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